How to Remove Paint from Windows

The very best method to attain clean, paint-free windows would be to protect against some paint from getting on the windows at the first location! You can achieve so by taping the windows, or covering them with a protective vinyl sheet through paint jobs. But, there are times when you will still wind up with paint onto the glasswhich you will then have to eliminate. Fortunately, unwanted paint is rather simple to eliminate, simply start with Step 1 below to learn how!

How to Remove Paint from Windows

Gather your equipment. You’ll require a bucket of warm water mixed with dish soap, a clean cloth or sponge, a brand new security razor blade and a glass cleaner.

How To Remove Old Paint From Glass Window Panes
How To Remove Old Paint From Glass Window Panes

Wet the window together with all the water and dish soap.

Hold the razor blade at a 45 degree angle in the window (therefore it’s closer to horizontal than perpendicular ) and place it in the border of the paint.

Start Scraping. Using smooth, smooth motions, begin scratching the paint in the window. If the paint is wet , it ought to come away in one sheet, instead of patchy flakes. After each stroke, then wash the paint off the razor blade prior to beginning again.

Wash out the window. After each the paint was scraped off, spritz the window with some glass cleaner and then use a clean, dry cloth to buff the windows clean.

Eliminate little paint splatters with chemical compounds. If you’re merely attempting to eliminate modest drips or splatters of paint, then a compound solvent will do the job well. You’ll also have to use a compound solvent if you’re working to eliminate paint out of textured glass.

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